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Saotex plus ointment

Saotex Plus (urea 10%) is an emollient ointment for the daily care of dry skin, with antiphlogistic, anaplastic and deep moisturizing action. Saotex PLUS's moisturizing action is achieved through two mechanisms. Its specific excipient reduces transepidermal water loss, whereas the urea it contains hydrates the skin drastically and, at the same time, restores the normal skin barrier. Urea is a natural, intensely hygroscopic substance. It can be found in high concentrations in normal skin and plays an important role in its hydration. In clinical studies if has been proven that in xerosis (dry skin) conditions urea is reduced by 50%, whereas in psoriasis it is reduced by 40% and in atopic dermatitis by 85%. Saotex PLUS provides the skin with the missing urea, sooths potential existing skin irritations, whereas its specific excipient reduces transepidermal water loss.

INDICATIONS: Saotex Plus (urea 10%), a deep moisturizing ointment for daily body care, is recommended for the management of moderate endogenous or acquired, skin dryness conditions, such as: xerosis for elderly people (senile pruritus), stasis dermatitis, skin dryness due to underlying diseases (e.g., atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes, chronic renal failure, hypothyroidism, etc), dry skin due to environmental effects (wind, cold, heat, low humidity), legs and feet xerosis (e.g. dry and cracked heels), xerosis due to adverse reactions of medicines (e.g., diuretics). In general, wherever intensely moisturizing and antiphlogistic effects, as well as the effects of an especially emollient excipient, are necessary.

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Saotex Plus - Pharmaceutical product
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